MVRDV - Gijs Rikken to speak at ZAK Virtual Festival of Facades

Gijs Rikken to speak at ZAK Virtual Festival of Facades


MVRDV Associate Design Director and Architect Gijs Rikken will be speaking at the ZAK Virtual Festival of Façades on Wednesday 21 October 2020. In his lecture “The two sides of the façade spectrum” Gijs will talk about both parametric façade designs like those used in Valley and more handcrafted façades like Crystal Houses.

The Zak World of Façades conference series, started in 2012, has grown to become a globally renowned event promoting new concepts, best practices and current trends in the building envelope segment. The event has completed 75 editions in 25 countries with 7 new countries planned in 2020. The Virtual Festival of Façades, organized by Zak World of Façades, is a one-of-a-kind festival whereby all global attendees are gathered on a single digital platform with 400+ concept presentations, technical presentations, panel discussions, candid tête-à-tête chats, whitepaper launches and more in a three-month fiesta. The platform will comprise of 4000+ façade experts from across the globe including architects, specifiers, engineers, contractors, developers, consultants etc.

Date 21 October 2020, 2.00PM -2.30PM (CET)

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