MVRDV - Reinventing Delhi, Sanne van der Burgh at 10th World Urban Forum Abu Dhabi

Reinventing Delhi, Sanne van der Burgh at 10th World Urban Forum Abu Dhabi


On the 11th of February, MVRDV Senior Associate, Sanne van der Burgh lectures at the 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi to share a strategy for New Delhi to improve the quality of urban life through a combined approach to waste, and water management, as well as public services and mobility zone integration. She leads a roundtable alongside UN Habitat, the Delhi Development Authority, the National Institute of Urban Affairs and Cityblob.

The New Delhi and the National Capital Territory faces mounting challenges due to climate change. This condition is compounded by inadequate water and waste management infrastructure. As the world’s second largest city, with a population due to nearly double to 25 million by 2030, the risk is severe.

Routinely experiencing extended dry conditions, as well as devastating monsoon flooding, the region oscillates between deluge and drought. How can we solve problems in New Delhi, and India by extension? MVRDV proposes a replicable strategy built on the foundation of New Delhi’s existing infrastructure. This includes transforming the Barapullah flyover’s open sewer into a freshwater spring, separating fresh water and waste streams. In so doing this transformation turns remnant spaces into vital public spaces and reconnects the city.

Date: 11 February 2020

Location: Abu Dhabi's National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC) 

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