MVRDV - Leo Stuckardt at Strelka In The City Conference

Leo Stuckardt at Strelka In The City Conference


MVRDV Next Project Leader, Leo Stuckardt, is speaking in St. Petersburg, Russia on Thursday, 28 November, during the first day of the In the City conference organized by Strelka Institute.
What are the innovations in business today? How do private initiatives become part of urban infrastructure and change our everyday lives? Data-driven design is increasingly becoming the main design method, and its tools bring together architects, engineers, financial consultants, and other key players at all stages – from concept to project implementation. Leo Stuckardt, specialist in the use of the latest technology and speculative design — using the example of The Valley, the project that is now under construction in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam — will talk about how the role of automated design has changed.

Date: 28 November 2019, 19.00h
Location: SPB, LENPOLIGRAPHMASH, St. Petersburg, Russia
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