The Why Factory: Products for the Future City at Dutch Design Week 2017

The Why Factory: Products for the Future City at Dutch Design Week 2017

Dutch Design Week ambassador Winy Maas curates with The Why Factory Products for the Future City, an audio-visual installation showing the vast ideas produced by the research hub for future cities.

The future city is wide. It needs many approaches and many products. Over the last 10 years, students at The Why Factory have produced hundreds of ideas for the future city and its products. 

“The audio-visual installation in the Hall 1of the Klokgebouw focuses on the products that will change our world, says Winy Maas.” “These products have been developed by our students and researchers in the last 10 years and are the result of a true combination of science and fiction. They are meant to provoke amazement and make us wonder. They are truly visionary: what begins as a fantasy in the imagination of the student could be a reality one day.”
The installation shows products, observations, hypotheses, and statements generated by The Why Factory over and it examines the relationship between products and the future city. How will these products change the world? What will it be like to live in an absolutely wonderful, infinite, fast, green, fun, biodiverse, compact, porous, (w)egoistic, and the flexible world? What urban forms might appear? What products, what architecture, what landscape, what urban design could support our visions for the future? What ecosystems, transport networks, and infrastructure would emerge?

The products shown here offer a wide range of answers to those questions: the need for new leadership in architecture and urbanism in Visionary Cities; the wish for common sense in a world that seem to be dominated by individualism in Wegocity; the advocacy for wildlife in Biodivercity; the case for openness in architecture in Porocity; the desire for amazement in our daily lives in World Wonders; the need to accelerate the world’s green agenda in Green Dream; the push for the introduction of the small scale in urban densification actions in The Vertical Village; the excitement and amazement of new material changes in Barba...

The possibilities are boundless.

Location: Hall 1, Klokgebouw

Dutch Design Week takes place between 21 - 29 October and for more information, tickets and how to visit please check the website here.