Jacob van Rijs to give opening lecture at FICARQ, 3 July 2017

On 03 July Jacob van Rijs will give the opening lecture at the Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura, Spain’s premier architectural film festival. Jacob van Rijs is also the chairman of the Architecture Film Festival in Rotterdam.  The festival focuses on the i...

Gijs Rikken to serve as panelist at ANCB Symposium, 31 August

Gijs Rikken will discuss MVRDV's Crystal Houses project as part of the panel discussion at the “New Functions of the Surface” symposium at ANCB in Berlin.The symposium seeks to explore how the city’s surface (encompassing facades, roofs, pavements, and open spac...

Winy Maas to speak at Helsinki Design Week 2017

Winy Maas will take part in Design Commons, an evening conference and travelling platform at Helsinki Design Week 2017 where activists, makers and shapers gather to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas.The conference takes on a different approach with speakers and th...