MVRDV - Lecture: Jacob Van Rijs in São Paulo

Lecture: Jacob Van Rijs in São Paulo

In addition to visonary urban projects such as Pig City and Grand Paris, MVRDV have designed a diverse portfolio of realised buildings and urban plans in its 20 y ears of practice; including the Villa VPRO, WOZOCO, the Book Mountain and the Mirador Madrid. But how do these buildings perform now that they are occupied? What is the philosophy, logic and design thinking behind the office’s visually powerful concepts? And what is life actually lik e inside a blue house, on an orange tribune, in a vertical shopping street, in housing silos and inside a mountain of books? The lecture will discuss these and other questions, orbiting around MVRDV latest book, ‘MVRDV Buildings’.

Location: Sala 807, Facuidade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade de São Paulo - FAUUSP, Rua do Lago, 876 - Cidade Universitaria São Paulo
More info: 10:30-12:00 Sala 807