MVRDV - EU CITY Manifesto

EU CITY Manifesto

In presence, (tbc), of the President of the European Commission, the French Minister of Culture, the Commissioner of Culture and education the Commissioner of the Regional Policies, the President Urban Intergroup of European Parliament, Mayors, Architects, Ministers, elected representatives, critics…

Yet, in the European Commission’s regulation for the next generation of Regional Policies, published on the 6th of October, 2011, the importance of architecture is reduced to a minor reference to the European cultural heritage.

Architecture is an example of the crosscutting nature of a creative industry, being affected by a number of public policies.

The European policies, in particular the Creative Europe, the Structural Funds, the Energy efficiency policy, Horizon 2020, represent an important potential incentive and lever for future cities. Architecture can contribute immensely to regional development and delivery of the European objectives, both in sustainable, economic and social terms and therefore needs extended recognition and support.

EFAP pleads for giving allowance to architecture and urban design in all relevant public policies.

Visionary thinking and scientific studies have to become part of the EU’s funding system. EFAP would like to engage a collective effort of studies and designs that illustrate a future Europe, a Manifesto that aims to impact on the cultural dimension of the cities, as well as on the economy, social cohesion and the environment, to deliver how architecture, urban planning, landscaping can play a key role as economic stimulus for competitiveness of cities as well as population’s cultural enrichment and quality of life.

At the upcoming Biennale in Venice, EFAP will present this plan to officials of the European Commission and to the public.

Location: Serra dei Giardini, Venice, Italy
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